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A Reference to a Chapter in a Book

Lots of academic books are made up of chapters by different people, with another person or other people as editor. Doing references for these is very similar to doing them for a journal article. Here's an example:

'..the cultural construction of the facts of pregnancy' (Franklin, 1997, p. 489)

Three questions answered. The other four are in the List of References.

Franklin, S. (1997) 'Fetal fascinations: new dimensions to the medical-scientific construction of fetal personhood', in Kemp, S. and Squires, J. (eds) Feminisms. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 487-491.

Kemp and Squires are the editors of the collection so you put (eds) after their names. Obviously you'd put (ed.) if there was only one editor.
The name of the chapter is not in italics, but in single quotation marks.
The title of the book is in italics.

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